Sunday, July 19, 2009

A happier day

Sometimes one thing goes wrong, which then turns into two or three, and all of a sudden I find myself focusing on all the bad things. It's like I forget that for the most part, my life is pretty awesome and I get stuck in this rut. This happened last night. One thing went wrong (My car battery exploded, which actually is quite a pain in the butt) and I immediately found myself listing everything that had gone wrong that day. The list was actually really short, but I was still pretty focused and making everything a bigger deal than it was.

And then it was a new day. I woke up this morning, fixed the battery issue, and started having a good day. I spent the day at Raging Waters with my friends and the evening in the mountains with Jeremy's family. Jer and I went for a little walk and it gave me a minute to think about things. Being out in this beautiful place with someone I really care about made me focus a little less on things like the battery and a little more on how lucky I am.

I have a family that I can talk to openly about anything and everything, and I have fun with them. I get to spend my free time with someone that loves me and would do anything for me. I have friends that make me laugh all the time. I have a job that is fun and exciting and doesn't even feel like work, where I basically get paid to have fun with my friends, and another job where I get to see people improve their lives every day. I live in a beautiful place, and I've never had to want for anything. And for me to complain about anything would make me an ungrateful brat.

A few years ago my mom was on a big positive thinking kick. We were constantly hearing about the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking. I got a little sick of it, mostly because I was more into the negative thinking at the time, and tried to ignore it when the subject came up. My mother has ways of sneaking things into your head when you're not paying attention and somehow she did it with this. One day I realized that there might actually be something to this law she kept talking about and decided to try it out. With a lot of help from my parents and a little EFT (which will be a whole post in itself one day, but look it up) I was able to get to a place where the positive thinking came easier than the negative. I had to work on it and make an effort every day, but I quickly became a much happier person. My life has been different since and I know that the way you think makes such a difference. If you look for bad, you'll find it. And if you look for good, you'll find more of it than you were expecting. I try to remind myself every day to focus on the positive and let the little annoyances go. Sometimes I still need a boost and I got one today.

As for the Law of Attraction... I'm still waiting for my million dollars to materialize, but I'll try to be patient.

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