Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This guy

Want to know why I'm marrying this guy?
Taken from my journal April 20, 2008--

"There are so many things about Jeremy that I really like. He's shown me respect in a way that I didn't realize even existed. I don't think I've ever been around someone who is more respectful to me than he is. I appreciate that more than he could ever imagine. He makes me happy and he makes me laugh. He doesn't take life too seriously. He has this amazing spirituallity about him when he teaches, but balances it out by turning into Mr. Sarcastic the second he steps out of the church. I can relax with him and be myself. He really does make me want to be better and somehow makes me feel like I do the same for him. He's smart and motivated and ambitious. He takes care of me and does little things that make my day. He knows who he is and is comfortable enough with it that other people's opinions don't matter to him. He's patient with me, even when I'm spazzing out and probably driving him crazy. He's sarcastic and gives me a hard time and actually enjoys it when I give it right back. He doesn't fake anything or try to impress people. He's intellectual, determined, driven. But above all that, he RESPECTS me-- as a person, a woman, an equal, someone's daughter, someone's future mother. And I'll never be able to thank him enough for that."

Over a year and a half later, multiply all of that by 100 and that's how I feel now. I'm so lucky to have Jeremy in my life, and to be able to spend my life with him. Looove him.

And the things that make me love him now (in addition to the previous paragraph)--

He opens every door, everywhere we go, every single time. Still.

He fills up the hot water bottle whenever I don't feel well, and even remembers to put it in the car if he picks me up from work.

He lets me pick the music in the car the majority of the time, even though he doesn't like most of it.

He doesn't tell me what to do.

He lets me make my own decisions and then supports me in whatever I choose to do, even if he doesn't necessarily agree with my choices.

He's a lot more thoughtful than he lets on and he knows what I want before I do. (and usually gets it before I have the chance)

He congratulates me for being smart enough to finally wear a coat, even though he wants to tell me it's about damn time.

He makes me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

He keeps blankets and a heater close.

He knows when I need to eat before I do, and doesn't say anything when I get hunger bitchiness.

He bought dummy bullets for his gun so I could learn to handle it safely without being scared that it might kill me. He also let me tag along on a boys' shooting day so I could learn to shoot.

He's one of the smartest people I know. And only makes me feel dumb every now and then.

He lets me have my own opinions, even when he thinks they are wrong.

He has the bluest eyes you'll ever see.

He loves his parents and will do anything for them.

He has a bigger heart than anyone would ever guess.

He wears a bandana. Or a hoodie over his hat.

When we watch movie previews, we both dance in our seats to the music.

He doesn't let me win when we wrestle. But I usually win anyway because I'm so incredibly strong.

He bakes bread.

He is an incredible writer.

He makes me laugh every single day. Even when I'm trying hard not to or don't let him see that I am.

He still proposed, even after his life was threatened.

The list goes on and on. Basically, I lucked out with this kick-ass dude. I'm a lucky girl.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And the answer is....

I would love to write out the whole two year story, starting with the HV5 and ending (which is actually another beginning) at Lake Michigan on a chilly Saturday, but I really have not had time. Not even 7 minutes. So here's what I will say for now.

We met.
We laughed.
We dated.
Everyone asked when we'd get married.
And dated. And laughed.
Everyone kept asking.
And dated.
We loved each other. (Probably me first. I fall, Jeremy "grows".)
We dated some more.
We told people to mind their own business when they kept asking.
We still laughed.
We went to Seattle.
We went to Chicago.
And then...

He got down on one knee.
I got all flustered.
He asked me to marry him!
I said YES!

And now my finger is sparkly and we are engaged and I cannot wait to be with him forever!

Details later. When I have time. Which could be MUCH later.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Time flies

I haven't updated forever. I've thought about it a lot, attempted a couple of times, haven't done it. So here's the quick version of the last two months.

September (Birthday Month #26!)

-Spent Labor Day weekend at a cabin in Oakley with Jeremy's family. Slept out under the stars with the squirrels (or chipmunks?) and tested out our new cots (awesome).

-MeKelle's wedding in Park City. Congrats Kelle. And you looked B-E-A-utiful.

-California trip. Turned 26 while on a midnight run on the beach with Nick. Couldn't think of a more perfect way to get older. Spent my birthday day at the gym, boogie boarding, playing at the beach, eating lots of greasy food, shopping, went to the Asher Roth/Taking Back Sunday/Weezer/Blink 182 concert in Irvine (thanks for the birthday concert Nick!), met up with Brandon for a late dinner in Newport afterward. Drove home with Nick the next day (peace out USMC!), stopped at the Nevada border to ride the huge rollercoaster at Buffalo Bill's, and had to do a buffet stop in Mesquite. Great trip.

-Lots of birthday breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with the best friends ever.

-Jungle Fever birthday party!

-Trip to Austin to spend some time with Jennifer (who I need to see much more often) and Houston to see Brooke and Brad! Jeremy took a test for school there and I got to play with Brooke (who I still miss ever day!) and enjoy time in my birthstate. We ran the Race for the Cure and running at a lower altitude makes me feel like the best athlete ever (which is far from true).


-Worked. A lot.

-Mississippi! Took a last minute surprise trip to Mississippi with my mom, Chrissi and little Ali so the baby could meet all her southern cousins before Chrissi went back to work. Spent time with family I haven't seen in 12 1/2 years and loved it. Lots of driving from Memphis, across the whole state of Mississippi, and back. Great girls' trip, and Ali was a good little traveler.

-Shooting. I hate guns. Always have. Jeremy even bought some dummy bullets so I could learn to load his gun and get comfortable with it, which I refused to do. But on Halloween morning I went shooting with Jer and 3 of his friends and actually really liked it. Still don't want to be around guns in a confined space, but loved shooting them out in the middle of nowhere.

-A little college football and tailgating. Go Utes!


-Ali's blessing.

-Happy Birthday Daddy! Still looking hot at 61!

-Happy Anniversary to the raddest parents ever! I think it's 29 years. Still the best Barbie and Ken ever.

-Thanksgiving! Jeremy and I had a double-header and hit both family dinners. Lots of turkey and good food, lots of quality family time, lots to be thankful for.
My list of things I am thankful for is huge, so here is an edited version.

~Jeremy, who I love more than he knows, for being the best addition to my life, for taking care of me, for making me laugh every day, for giving me so much to look forward to.
~My awesome family, for being an amazing support system, putting up with me, loving me no matter what, for being my friends.
~The best friends in the world, all of them, who I am lucky to have and have loved spending time with a lot of you the last couple weeks.
~Jer's family, for making me feel like family from day one, for letting me take a lot of Jeremy's time away from you, and for everything you do for me.
~A job I love, a place to live, a car that runs (most of the time), warm showers, boots, space heaters, candy, my day planner, sunshine, hot chocolate.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Warning: Bad Day Ahead

Some days should come with warning labels. Really. Some days your alarm clock should tell you that you DON'T want to get up. Instead of the annoying beep. beep. beep. it should say "Today is not going to be nice to you. You should probably just stay in bed and go back to sleep until tomorrow." I think that would be more beneficial than waking me up to a crappy day that just gets worse until the second I go to sleep again. It wouldn't hurt to skip a day every now and then. Just a thought.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My sister could kick your sister's ass.

My sister had a baby on August 29th. Pretty awesome in itself. But my sister had a baby NATURAL. No epidural. No drugs. Just her hardcore self pushing 7 pounds 6 ounces of baby out. Oh and baby Alice Teal came out with her hand in her face. So not only did she push that baby out all by herself, she delivered her head, hand, and arm at the same time. Go Chrissi. You're my hero.

Could YOUR sister do that? I didn't think so.

More on my sweet niece later, when I have time to upload all of her b-e-a-utiful pictures.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I got a new job!

I started a new job at Primary Children's Medical Center a couple weeks ago. I wanted this job so bad that I didn't even tell anyone I applied or interviewed until after I got hired because I didn't want to jinx it. For anyone who knows me, you know I've always wanted to work with kids and working at Primary's has always been one of my goals. And for those of you who know me best, you understand why the Immunocompromised Unit is a good fit for me. This is something I've always wanted to do. I don't know how well I would handle it when I have kids of my own so I think now is the perfect time for it.

This is how most conversations about my job go:
Someone asks where I work
Me: Primary Children's Hospital
Them: Oh how fun! Do you love it? What do you do there?
Me: LOVE it. I'm a tech on the Immunocompromised Unit.
Them: What's that?
Me: I work with the cancer kids.
Them: (expression changes from a smile to disturbed) Ooohhh, doesn't that suck? Isn't that really sad? I couldn't do that.

I understand people not getting it. And I know people think it's weird that I've always wanted to be involved with Pediatric Oncology. I know it will be hard sometimes and I'm sure I'll have some bad days, but my motivation to work in that particular field has always been the amazing spirit of that type of kids. I've worked with adult patients for the past 5 years and I have heard them complain about EVERYTHING. And now I work with these awesome little kids who go through hell and can still smile about it. They're fun and cute and happy (most of the time) and I'm blown away by their attitudes.

My first experience with one of these kids was when I was 10. We had just moved into our house in Tremonton and our little 5 year old neighbor across the street had leukemia. Looking back, I don't think I realized what that meant, I just knew she was sick. But she was an amazing little girl and I loved her. I felt like she was my little sister. She was the happiest little girl. I remember hearing her talk about her "line", watching her take meds, that there would be times when she wasn't allowed to go outside, but I never realized how sick she was. My mom and I took Christmas cookies to her family on Christmas Eve and her mom told us she was sick again and it wouldn't be a good night to see her. She died a couple days later. I won't go into the details of the effect that experience had on me, I'll just say that it sparked the interest in what I'm doing now and I'm so glad I'm finally doing it. If everyone was lucky enough to spend time with someone like her or the kids I get to hang out with everyday, no one would ever question why I want to do this.

I made a list of things I want to remember when I have a hard day there, which I know will have to happen every now and then.

May I always remember:
Every patient is someone's child, sibling, friend.
Who I'm working for and why that's important.
I know the amazing spirit inside each of those kids even on the days it's hard to see.
I'm a link to the outside world when they can't be there and a smile is important.
I worked hard to get here, it's important to me, and the experiences that made me want it.
To have empathy for the kids and their families.
How overwhelmed and terrified I was the first few days, and how much scarier it must be to be on the other side.
How it feels to be the student when I'm so used to being the teacher.
This is my job and I see these things every day, but for the families this is scary territory and their world is turned upside down.
And may I never become desensitized to pain, sickness, or death.

I'm happy about this job and I love it so far. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Big events, little sleep

In the last week: started a new job, got a precious new niece, went to a wedding for 2 of my favorite people, hit up the BE County Fair...

And I'm too exhausted to write anything about any of it. But I will soon. Hopefully. Especially about the cute baby and my kick ass sister. Watch for it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ashley's ABC's

One of my friends told me to try and come up with something about me for every letter of the alphabet. Easy. This is me.

A- Ashley (duh), Adventures, Animals, Accelerating
B- Beach, Babies, Barbecues, Boating, Basketball, Bare feet, Books, Blankets
C- Christmas, Cotton Candy, Campfires, Chocolate, Cuddling, Candy, Cereal
D- Dashboard Confessional, Dresses, Daisies, Dancing
E- Elephants, Exercise, Extremes
F- Family, Friends, Flying, Fun, Flowers, Food, Freebies, Flip-flops, Four-leaf Clovers, Fruit
G- Golf Carts, Gym, Giraffes, Gum, Girlfriends
H- Hot Summer Days, Home, Hoodies, Hikes, Hats, Hawaii
I- Ice Cream, Invitations, Icicles, Islands
J- Jeremy, Jeans, Jewelry, Jamba Juice
K- Kissing, Kids, Kickboxing
L- Love, Life, Laughter, Lakes
M- Music, Mountains, Makeup, Movies
N- Nighttime, Notes, Naps
O- Ocean, Outdoors
P- Photos, Pools, Phone Calls, Patriotism
Q- Quite Moments, Questions
R- Road Trips, Running, Rain, Red Bull, Reading, Relaxing, Rainbows
S- Stars, Snshine, Shoes, Smores, Shopping, Saturdays, Sour Patch Kids
T- Thunderstorms, Travel, Trucks, Tall people
U- Underwear, Ugly ducklings
V- Victory, Vacations, Velocity
W- Wakeboarding, Writing, Water
X- X-rays (because I like to look at them and try to figure out what's broken)
Y- Yoga, Yogurt
Z- Zebras, Zoo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Take a hike!

Ahhhh! I am so bad at this. One day I will master both living my life AND blogging about it. But for now, here's my new favorite activity.

I'm still trying to take advantage of the mountains and the good weather. A couple hikes and I'm hooked. It's gorgeous up there and the weather has been great. Spending a couple hours hiking may be one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done. It gives me time to relax and think and refocus. How did I never learn to enjoy this stuff before? And an added benefit... hiking is a great butt workout.

Lake Mary in Big Cottonwood Canyon- beautiful, relaxing, perfect. It's a short hike, only about a mile each way, but it's a good one. There were chipmunks running across the path the whole way to the lake and a couple brave ones tried to get in our bags when we put them down. I half expected to find a little friend in my bag when I got home. There are tons of little fish in the lake and they like the crust of PB&Js, in case you wondered.

My friend Erika and I tried to take a picture with the timer on my camera after hiking the Pipeline in Milcreek Canyon. We're better hikers than photographers.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dinner in the Mountains

Jeremy's family has dinner together every Sunday and since I can't drive to Tremonton every week, this is where I get my weekly "home-cooked meal". Tonight we did the dinner in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We had tin foil dinners and smores, then sat around and chatted. The weather was perfect. Everything is still so green and it was gorgeous. I forget how good it feels to be out there and I always think I need to do this more often. I'll work on it.

The bravest squirrel I have ever seen made himself comfortable in our campsite. He got daring enough to take food right out of our hands. This is probably why he was also the fattest squirrel I have ever seen.

I've been singing that song that you're supposed to do in rounds since we left. "I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills..." I know it sounds cheesy, but being out in nature like that really does make me reflect and appreciate things more. So glad we went, I loved it. Anyone want to go camping?

Raging Waters

I went to Raging Waters for the first time today with all my promo friends. We had such a blast. I'm not sure whose brilliant idea it was for all of us to bring an animal floaty, but we did and they were a big hit. We spent more time in the little kid splash park than any adult should be allowed, got kicked out of the wave pool and the lazy river, and four of us were bleeding by the end of the day. It took me three attempts to get down the tall water slide (one failed attempt when I tripped and faceplanted onto the the slide, another when my mat folded in half) but I made it. By far, best day I've had at a water park.

A happier day

Sometimes one thing goes wrong, which then turns into two or three, and all of a sudden I find myself focusing on all the bad things. It's like I forget that for the most part, my life is pretty awesome and I get stuck in this rut. This happened last night. One thing went wrong (My car battery exploded, which actually is quite a pain in the butt) and I immediately found myself listing everything that had gone wrong that day. The list was actually really short, but I was still pretty focused and making everything a bigger deal than it was.

And then it was a new day. I woke up this morning, fixed the battery issue, and started having a good day. I spent the day at Raging Waters with my friends and the evening in the mountains with Jeremy's family. Jer and I went for a little walk and it gave me a minute to think about things. Being out in this beautiful place with someone I really care about made me focus a little less on things like the battery and a little more on how lucky I am.

I have a family that I can talk to openly about anything and everything, and I have fun with them. I get to spend my free time with someone that loves me and would do anything for me. I have friends that make me laugh all the time. I have a job that is fun and exciting and doesn't even feel like work, where I basically get paid to have fun with my friends, and another job where I get to see people improve their lives every day. I live in a beautiful place, and I've never had to want for anything. And for me to complain about anything would make me an ungrateful brat.

A few years ago my mom was on a big positive thinking kick. We were constantly hearing about the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking. I got a little sick of it, mostly because I was more into the negative thinking at the time, and tried to ignore it when the subject came up. My mother has ways of sneaking things into your head when you're not paying attention and somehow she did it with this. One day I realized that there might actually be something to this law she kept talking about and decided to try it out. With a lot of help from my parents and a little EFT (which will be a whole post in itself one day, but look it up) I was able to get to a place where the positive thinking came easier than the negative. I had to work on it and make an effort every day, but I quickly became a much happier person. My life has been different since and I know that the way you think makes such a difference. If you look for bad, you'll find it. And if you look for good, you'll find more of it than you were expecting. I try to remind myself every day to focus on the positive and let the little annoyances go. Sometimes I still need a boost and I got one today.

As for the Law of Attraction... I'm still waiting for my million dollars to materialize, but I'll try to be patient.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just another day at Health South

In the last week at work I have been hit in the face, yelled at, spit on, kicked in the throat, sworn at, kissed, pushed, covered in every kind of food or drink imaginable, groped, included in a will, mistaken for a fish, cat, dresser, bird, dog, car, carry-on bag, and airplane, had my pants pulled down, stepped on... all by ONE patient.

Oh, and PEED on. Not just a little urine on my shoe. No, I was REALLY peed on. From the knees down, my scrubs and shoes were covered.

Gotta love one-on-ones with a brain injury patient. Gotta love my job.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A quick thank you

I was thinking today about all the people that help me through life that probably have no idea how much I appreciate them. I should say thank you a lot more than I do. These are the people that are at the top of my list right now. I am so blessed to have these people in my life and I'd be lost without them. Thanks so much for everything.

My parents... Who are always ready to help me with anything, even moving, which my dad REALLY loves, for loving me even when I make it hard to, for calling just to say hi and see how my day is, and for all the little things they do and think I don't notice. I do, I'm just not good at saying thank you all the time, so thanks.

The Thuesons...For letting me take over their basement for a couple weeks until my new place is ready and acting happy that I'm there, for feeding me every Sunday, and for making me feel like family from the first day I met them.

Jeremy...For also helping me move or doing whatever annoying thing I ask of him, listening to me complain about the topic of the day, making time for me even though he doesn't have enough time for his own stuff as it is, and for making me laugh every day.

Chrissi and Nick... Who both have way more important things going on in their lives, but still always ask how I'm doing first. I wish I had realized how awesome these two are when we were all still living at home. I'm lucky to have them and I love them.

My friends...Because they are amazing. I don't know what I would do without the girls in my life. There are so many different groups of them and they all bring out a different part of me that might never make an appearance otherwise. I have the best friends in the world, old and new, and they bring a lot of smiles into my life. My BR girls, "the girls", Urban girls, work friends, HV5... love them all.
I'm very behind on blogging and have been MIA from the whole blog scene for the last little while. I've been busy with life, moving, working, and a little vacation time. I'm off to Vegas for the weekend for a bachelorette party but I'll try to get caught up when I get home. So a quick hello, and see ya later!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Runways, Rainbows, and Roller Skates

This is what my weekends have consisted of for the past month and a half. I've had a show every weekend since the end of February. They have filled up my weekends, but it's been a lot of fun. I already posted some stuff from the Albert Chloe and the Gateway Bridal shows so here's the rest. I love, love, love my fashion show friends. They all are beautiful and fun and such a blast to work with.

Best Kiteboards

with Paris, Kristy, Patty and Liliana

Monster Cirkus

with Autumn, Jessica and Valerie.

This show was at the Gallivan Center and featured a lot of the bands that play at Desert Rocks in Moab. There was a lot of crazy stuff going on before and during the show- fire dancers, arial ballet, crazy face paint, music. Interesting show.

Lunatic Fringe Show

with Patty, Julia and Jessica

This was a benefit show and I'm sure it was an awesome one to watch. There were different elements involved (Earth, wind, fire, water), intense costumes and makeup, and lots of crazy impressive dancing. That picture with all the garbage is actually the dress I was wearing and attempting to "roller skate" in. It didn't turn out quite how it was supposed to but still looked cool. Patty, Julia and Jess were all "Fire Girls" and I was "Daughter of Mother Earth" signifying the rebirth of the Earth.

SLCC Raw Couture Show- "Fashions Through the Decades"

SLCC Fashion Institute does a fashion show every spring as a final project for the Design classes and Fashion Show Production classes. I think this is the 8th year I've done this show. It's one of my favorites because of the girls in it. I've worked with them forever and they are amazing, both on the runway and off. The bridal ensemble in this show was gorgeous. The pink dress... All I will say about that is that it required a lot of tape. The 80s stuff was great because it's what I grew up in. And thank you to my parents, who are there every year in the front row.

Brighton Bikini Bash and Skiathong

Easily the most unusual show I have ever done, which is actually saying a lot, this was a blast. Brighton had a beach party to end the season and we had to do a beachwear fashion show. The runway was made out of snow and surrounded by pool lounge chairs. We wore suits by Rusty and Nappi and sported stuff from Etnies, Smith, Skull Candy, Natural Light, Thirty Two, Burton, and a few others. It was actually pretty warm and a lot of fun. And yes, Jessica and I are hula hooping on a snow runway in swimsuits and flip-flops. I love my life.

And this week...

Things I am liking this week

1. Indian food. Delicious. I forget how much I like it until I eat it again. Jeremy and I went to Bombay House on Saturday with some friends and it was fantastic. My #1 recommendation is India House on 80 something and State. It looks like a total dive but the food and the service is amazing.

2. The gym. It only happens every so often that I get back to this gym addiction. Right now is one of those times so I'm trying to take full advantage of it before the novelty wears off. If I had the time, I would spend a couple hours there everyday. Once I start seeing results I'm hooked. I'm crossing my fingers that I can keep this up.

3. Natturday at Brighton. Swimsuits in the snow sounds like a terrible idea, but it was a blast. The weather decided to cooperate and it turned out to be a pretty warm day. We did a fashion show on a runway made of snow in bikinis and flip-flops. Sounds cold but it actually wasn't too bad and it was so much fun. Good food, good times.

4. The SUN! This should actually be #1. I am beyond thrilled about the rise in temperature over the last few days.

5. Spray tan parties. In preparation for the bikini day, some of my work friends and I got spray tans. I went with two of the funnest girls I know and we spent a couple hours spraying and drying in a gogo dancer's kitchen. We thought dancing, leaping, singing would speed up the drying process. Most entertaining evening of the month. I guess you had to be there, otherwise it just sounds weird. And a plug for Maristy... She is an awesome airbrusher. If you're a fair maiden such as myself, go see her. You'll be a hot bronzed goddess in no time.

6. Lose It! App on my iPhone. This app keeps track of your calories, sets your limits for whatever your goals are, figures in exercise, and makes my life simple as far as anything food related goes. I'm hooked. Best. App. Ever.

7. Silly string. Except when the can is almost empty and it starts spraying little tiny pieces that are impossible to get out of your hair.

8. Tax returns. Even though I won't get to do anything fun with it because it will go directly to school. At least it's an investment.

9. My dad on Facebook. My family all uses Facebook to chat with Nick. Phone calls are hard but he can get online almost every day. It's been great to talk to him so much. My mom uses her account to keep track of all her "Marine family" and to talk to Nick. I know my dad uses her account to chat with Nick, but I didn't think he had his own. Today I logged on and had a friend request from... my DAD! It made my day. I know he is anti Facebook, Myspace, blogging, pretty much anything that displays your whole life for the entire world to see, but it looks like he has cracked. And even if it's for the sole purpose of chatting with Nick while he's in Iraq, I am stoked that we are now Facebook friends.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Things I Learned This Week

Things I learned this week...

1. If you want to start eating healthier, I do not recommend trying to do it around Easter. The best candy comes out at Easter time. I'm trying to keep track of what I eat. It's been good and bad. Good because I know what I'm putting in my body and how much I should be exercising to compensate for it. Bad because I feel guilty adding the Cadbury Eggs and delicious Gummi Bunnies to my food log. Whoever invented calories in on my bad list. In my next life, all things candy will be calorie free.

2. If your dress weighs 15 pounds and is covered in 3 bags of spray painted garbage, and you have 12 pounds of bamboo and flowers pinned to your head, don't attempt to roller skate. You would think that would be a given. Tell that to the people who asked me to perform a roller skating maneuver on a runway that was 4 feet wide (my dress was easily 6 feet wide) in 13 seconds. Did I mention there were 3 stairs involved? Somehow we somewhat pulled it off, but it was definitely not the scene that the brains behind this operation had in mind. In case you didn't already add this up...
Huge dress+garbage+head dress+narrow runway+roller skates= D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R

3. I wish I could tell you that I had learned any factual information on Aspartame. I can't. We don't do diet drinks in my family, or anything with artificial sweetener. There was a big debate on Sunday about the pros and cons of both sides of this argument. Jeremy found a 100 page article on the issue but hasn't had time to read it yet. I'll let you all know what we find out. I will say that for me personally, I feel like I'm doing something bad every time I drink something diet. I might as well be hiding in the corner giving myself a ridiculous haircut.

4. Running is the best way to start my day. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood there is no way to avoid running uphill at some point. Uphill should never be done at the end of a 4 mile run. I already learned this last year but I was reminded today. I'm sure it will be burned into my memory for a while since I won't be able to move tomorrow. It's going to be a painful day but workout soreness is one of my favorite feelings.

5. There are people you can live with and some that you can't live without. It's important to know the difference. I'm learning.

Hopefully I'll have good news to report on my next post. Cross your fingers, even though you don't know what you're crossing them for. Much appreciated.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Like A Lion, Out Like A... Bigger Lion

Someone forgot to tell the weathermaker that it's the end of March. March is supposed to mean SPRING! Unfortunately, not the case in 2009. It's still snowing. This is not okay.

This is my March 2009 in a nutshell. Or a snowball, which seems more appropriate given the weather conditions of late...

Friends, family, shamrocks, dinners, fashion shows, baby showers, birthdays, snow, kiteboards, dancing, space heaters, books, Eggo waffles, Girl Scout cookies, goodbyes, babies, pictures, running, spring wardrobe change (prematurely).

And the best things I have been told or overheard lately-

**I don't want a drink because they make me pee my pants. And when I pee my pants you get mad at me. Don't make me get a drink because then it will make me pee and then you will get mad and then I will get sad and then you will feel bad. That drink will make everyone sad, Dad.
-This sounds like Dr. Seuss. It was a little boy in Smith's. I had to leave the aisle so he wouldn't see me laughing.

**That's impressive. You have a perfectly symmetrical breast.

**F***in Edward won't bite her neck and it pisses me off.
-This was a text and is much funnier when you know the source.

**Ashley's like a freakin boy scout. Always be prepared.

**I want my little paw in your big paw.
-Another little kid to her mom. Pretty precious.

Happy birthday to Brittany, Tandra, and Jeff A.!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For Brooke...

Brooke just moved to Houston last week. I know that's not the end of the world, but it still sucks. I'm going to miss having her close, especially since she only lived 6 feet away from me for 5 years. So this is my Brookelynn tribute.

Reasons why I LOVE Brooke...
1. She was my first friend post high school graduation and my first roommate. She had to put up with a lot of crap because at 17, I thought I was responsible and could take care of myself, but I would have sunk quickly if she hadn't been there. Which leads to reason number 2.
2. She is responsible. I think I can roll motivated, hard working, ambitious, smart, and real world savvy into that. I don't think I have ever seen Brooke have an irresponsible moment in the 8 years I have known her. I know for a fact she cannot say the same about me. She has always had a steady job (sometimes more than one at a time) and worked 2 jobs while also going to school. She's hardcore like that.
3. Brooke introduced me to Iceberg milkshakes, Cafe Rio, and Cholula sauce on popcorn. Now 3 of my favorite things. She has smart tastebuds.
4. She is an animal lover. She's like that Elvira cartoon, except not crazy.
5. She can shake it like no other tall white girl on this planet. Seriously. If she was shaking her stuff behind a screen like they have at those bars in Vegas, you would be convinced it was someone with skin a little darker than Brooke's. It's impressive.
6. She makes the best Boston Creme Pie and raspberry dessert ever. I'm going to miss that stuff.
7. She is loyal and honest. She's the friend you want to take shopping because she'll tell you that your butt looks big. And when she says something looks good, you can actually believe her. What you see is what you get. You don't find that very often.
8. She agrees to ridiculous things just because I ask her. Example: She ran the half marathon with me. Not because she was dying to do it, but because I didn't want to do it alone. She put up with my crap while we were training for it and we crossed the finish line together. It was a big deal to me and I'm so glad she was there to do it with me.
9. She shops like I do. We can find something that other people would never even consider buying and immediately know a perfect use for it. We've had some interesting items in our wardrobes because of this. And she likes shoes.
10. She's a better friend than I could ever ask for. She has been there for everything the last 8 years. She's the kind of friend that sticks with you and never lets you down. I know she's still just a phone call away, but I'm sure going to miss having her just a few minutes away.

And some of my favorite memories with this girl...

-The first night we lived together (and we did NOT know each other at all) we got Iceberg shakes and watched Single White Female. And it was great.
-Almost running a red light in my new car, which would only be funny to us.
-YAWNING. Again, only funny to us. But VERY funny.
-Trying to fit 6 people in two small beds in Vegas, and the noises we had to listen to all night.
-Thursday night cooking in the model apartment. Actually, anything about the model apartment.
-The trip to California and my favorite quote "Plastic bags don't sting!" If there hadn't been vinegar around, I would have peed on you. That's how much I love you, Brooke.
-Sizzler days. And Buckle days. I think I knew your driver's license number before I knew my own because I was always typing it in from your checks. I still remember it, though it's no longer useful since you have a Texas number now.
-Getting kicked out of the casino in Wendover because I was too young.
-The 3-barrel curling iron and the note and plastic bag taped to the mirror.
-Biting snails and snail races.
-The sleepover that wasn't.
-Any and all bouquet tosses, but especially the wrestling incident that ended up on the Lifetime Wedding Bloopers special.
-Getting to help plan your secret wedding.
-The Model Apartment, the Grandma House and the Woodridge House.

Brooke, I love your face and I miss you already. I can't wait to see you in a couple months. I hope Houston is great and I wish you and Brad the best. I hope you make lots of new friends, just don't let them replace your favorite Utah girls. Love you!

60 is the new 40

Happy Birthday to my hot Mama!

My sweet mother turned 60 on March 14, though she looks MUCH younger. My cute dad got a cake that said "60 is the new 40" and in their case, that's the truth.

In her sixty years, my mom found a pretty rad guy to marry (love my Daddy too!), has had 6 kids, 2 stepdaughters, 12 grandkids (lucky number 13 is due in September, along with the first great-grandbaby), and taken care of a ridiculous amount of pets, moved all over, modeled, done hair, sold a lot of stuff, made endless amounts of phone calls, helped a lot of people drop the bad stuff and get happy, made breakfast every morning for 2-20 people, taken way too many trips to school to deliver what Nick and I forgot at home, been PTA president, a cheer/football/basketball/wrestling mom, done more loads of laundry than any one person ever should, and been an all around awesome lady.

I think raising me alone would have added a lot of years to her, not to mention all her other kids, along with everyone else's she took a part in raising, but she wears those years well. I hope I'm that hot at 60!

Love you Mommy! Happy happy birthday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I know it's late but Happy St. Patrick's Day anyway. It is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of my obsession with 4 leaf clovers. I spent the evening doing promotions in a fluorescent green wig. We were hard to miss.


Chrissi and Hootie went to the doctor yesterday to find out if the baby would be pink or blue. The doctor's exact words... "The only thing she doesn't have is her father's penis." Looks like I will have a cute new NIECE in September!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are only 5 days into March so this is going to be short.

1. My parents heard from Nick. He hasn't showered since he got to Iraq. That's something like 35 days. In the desert. Not good.

2. I lost my voice. Once I get sick it takes me FOREVER to get better. I'm going on 3 weeks of off and on sickness of all different kinds. The current ailment is a scratchy throat and no voice. Technically, I can talk a little, but it sounds strange enough that Jeremy is calling me a little church mouse. I don't know exactly what that means, but I don't think I want to be one.

I used to love losing my voice. I would scream for the duration of football and basketball games trying to get hoarse. And I was a LOUD cheerleader. It's been a long time since I haven't been able to talk and it turns out, I don't like sounding like this anymore. My patients and coworkers don't like it either. I don't do well not talking. Time for my voice to come back home.

And 3. I'm going to be an AUNT! Again. But this time it's Chrissi having a baby so it feels different. She officially broke the news on her blog yesterday so I guess now I'm allowed to talk about it. I'm so excited for her. She'll be so cute pregnant. Chrissi and Hootie will be great parents and with both sets of grandparents living so close, that baby is going to be spoiled rotten. She is due on September 7th, but I'm hoping the baby will decide to come two days late so it's birthday will be 09/09/09. We'll see.

That's all for March so far. The old "In like a lion, out like a lamb" saying seems to be true this year because right now it is snowing like crazy. Hopefully this will be the last big snow of the year. I'm ready for spring.



I took a trip to California with my parents to spend some time with Nick before he deployed. We had a fun couple of days, and a not so fun morning when he left. We stayed in beautiful San Clemente and enjoyed the slightly warmer weather. You can check out my friend blog for how I felt about Nick leaving, but here I will just say that I am so proud of him and I already miss him a ton. Love that kid. Be safe in Iraq, Nick, and know that we love you and miss you everyday!

I also got to spend a day in San Diego with Brandon. We spent some time at Pacific Beach and toured a couple museums in Balboa Park. Thanks for taking care of me Brandon! Miss you!

Jeremy and I went to Monster Trucks on Valentine's Day and it was awesome. If you've never been, put on your ripped up jeans and cut off flannel shirts and go. And don't forget your earplugs! We had a fun day together and he's a pretty amazing Valentine.

The rest of the month was spent working. A lot. I did a couple fashion shows, one for Albert Chloe's new boutique and one for the Gateway Bridal Show. The shows are always so much fun and I have a blast with the girls. Love them all.

Happy February birthdays to Ginger, Brooke, Heidi and Cohen!

Catching up...

I've started this blog a few times. I'll post something, leave it for a couple days, then take it down. This time I am actually going to keep it up (hopefully) and add on to it. That's the plan. Sometimes I don't do so well with plans...

Where to start... Here's a quick catch up on my 2009 thus far. It's not exciting, but it's been great.
I started 2009 at Jeremy's friend's cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We went snowboarding on New Year's Eve and had so much fun. It was my first time and Jeremy was the most patient coach ever. We all had to take a nap before midnight because we were exhausted from a day on the mountain, but we woke up in time for the countdown and threw in a couple songs on Rock Band.

If you need a snowboarding coach, I recommend this guy.

And thanks Meagan, for making it look like I can stay up on my board in this picture. You're a skilled photographer and another good coach.

I spent the last week of January in Park City working for Sundance. I was working crazy all-nighters at Stanfield Art Gallery and it was a lot of fun. I also spent a day working at the Outdorr Retailer Convention. My body hated me by the end of it, staying up all night and then working at the hospital all day is not the best idea, but I still had a good time. I don't have pictures of any of the celebs that were in the lounge, maybe next year.
The first picture was taken at 4:44 AM. I think we look pretty awake for that late/early.
Go Utes! 13-0!!!
The third picture is with Tandra and Kesia. Those girls make every job so much fun.