Friday, November 27, 2009

Time flies

I haven't updated forever. I've thought about it a lot, attempted a couple of times, haven't done it. So here's the quick version of the last two months.

September (Birthday Month #26!)

-Spent Labor Day weekend at a cabin in Oakley with Jeremy's family. Slept out under the stars with the squirrels (or chipmunks?) and tested out our new cots (awesome).

-MeKelle's wedding in Park City. Congrats Kelle. And you looked B-E-A-utiful.

-California trip. Turned 26 while on a midnight run on the beach with Nick. Couldn't think of a more perfect way to get older. Spent my birthday day at the gym, boogie boarding, playing at the beach, eating lots of greasy food, shopping, went to the Asher Roth/Taking Back Sunday/Weezer/Blink 182 concert in Irvine (thanks for the birthday concert Nick!), met up with Brandon for a late dinner in Newport afterward. Drove home with Nick the next day (peace out USMC!), stopped at the Nevada border to ride the huge rollercoaster at Buffalo Bill's, and had to do a buffet stop in Mesquite. Great trip.

-Lots of birthday breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with the best friends ever.

-Jungle Fever birthday party!

-Trip to Austin to spend some time with Jennifer (who I need to see much more often) and Houston to see Brooke and Brad! Jeremy took a test for school there and I got to play with Brooke (who I still miss ever day!) and enjoy time in my birthstate. We ran the Race for the Cure and running at a lower altitude makes me feel like the best athlete ever (which is far from true).


-Worked. A lot.

-Mississippi! Took a last minute surprise trip to Mississippi with my mom, Chrissi and little Ali so the baby could meet all her southern cousins before Chrissi went back to work. Spent time with family I haven't seen in 12 1/2 years and loved it. Lots of driving from Memphis, across the whole state of Mississippi, and back. Great girls' trip, and Ali was a good little traveler.

-Shooting. I hate guns. Always have. Jeremy even bought some dummy bullets so I could learn to load his gun and get comfortable with it, which I refused to do. But on Halloween morning I went shooting with Jer and 3 of his friends and actually really liked it. Still don't want to be around guns in a confined space, but loved shooting them out in the middle of nowhere.

-A little college football and tailgating. Go Utes!


-Ali's blessing.

-Happy Birthday Daddy! Still looking hot at 61!

-Happy Anniversary to the raddest parents ever! I think it's 29 years. Still the best Barbie and Ken ever.

-Thanksgiving! Jeremy and I had a double-header and hit both family dinners. Lots of turkey and good food, lots of quality family time, lots to be thankful for.
My list of things I am thankful for is huge, so here is an edited version.

~Jeremy, who I love more than he knows, for being the best addition to my life, for taking care of me, for making me laugh every day, for giving me so much to look forward to.
~My awesome family, for being an amazing support system, putting up with me, loving me no matter what, for being my friends.
~The best friends in the world, all of them, who I am lucky to have and have loved spending time with a lot of you the last couple weeks.
~Jer's family, for making me feel like family from day one, for letting me take a lot of Jeremy's time away from you, and for everything you do for me.
~A job I love, a place to live, a car that runs (most of the time), warm showers, boots, space heaters, candy, my day planner, sunshine, hot chocolate.


Trudy Mickelle Stanton said...

Oh Ashley how I love you!

brooke! said...

I miss you more. When are you coming back to your birth state? Isn't Baylor calling Jeremy yet?

Brittany Barnes said...

You are a good woman lady. And a busy one at that! Miss your face and the days when we could just snuggle to catch up every night......