Saturday, December 19, 2009

And the answer is....

I would love to write out the whole two year story, starting with the HV5 and ending (which is actually another beginning) at Lake Michigan on a chilly Saturday, but I really have not had time. Not even 7 minutes. So here's what I will say for now.

We met.
We laughed.
We dated.
Everyone asked when we'd get married.
And dated. And laughed.
Everyone kept asking.
And dated.
We loved each other. (Probably me first. I fall, Jeremy "grows".)
We dated some more.
We told people to mind their own business when they kept asking.
We still laughed.
We went to Seattle.
We went to Chicago.
And then...

He got down on one knee.
I got all flustered.
He asked me to marry him!
I said YES!

And now my finger is sparkly and we are engaged and I cannot wait to be with him forever!

Details later. When I have time. Which could be MUCH later.


Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! That is so great!!! I better be invited to this shin dig!!!

@manda said...

DUDE! Why did I not know you had a blog!? AND YOUR GETTING MARRIED!? YAY!!
...PS I did get my sewing machine! I loved running into you too! Thats so funny, I just got home from Nordys...getting more makeup, Im addicted!

brooke! said...

This is a cute entry! I miss you!

Brittany Barnes said...


Marcus and Amy said...

WoW! Where have I been? I knew you were going to marry him sometime, but I didn't know you were engaged!! Congrat!

When is the big day?