Monday, August 31, 2009

Big events, little sleep

In the last week: started a new job, got a precious new niece, went to a wedding for 2 of my favorite people, hit up the BE County Fair...

And I'm too exhausted to write anything about any of it. But I will soon. Hopefully. Especially about the cute baby and my kick ass sister. Watch for it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ashley's ABC's

One of my friends told me to try and come up with something about me for every letter of the alphabet. Easy. This is me.

A- Ashley (duh), Adventures, Animals, Accelerating
B- Beach, Babies, Barbecues, Boating, Basketball, Bare feet, Books, Blankets
C- Christmas, Cotton Candy, Campfires, Chocolate, Cuddling, Candy, Cereal
D- Dashboard Confessional, Dresses, Daisies, Dancing
E- Elephants, Exercise, Extremes
F- Family, Friends, Flying, Fun, Flowers, Food, Freebies, Flip-flops, Four-leaf Clovers, Fruit
G- Golf Carts, Gym, Giraffes, Gum, Girlfriends
H- Hot Summer Days, Home, Hoodies, Hikes, Hats, Hawaii
I- Ice Cream, Invitations, Icicles, Islands
J- Jeremy, Jeans, Jewelry, Jamba Juice
K- Kissing, Kids, Kickboxing
L- Love, Life, Laughter, Lakes
M- Music, Mountains, Makeup, Movies
N- Nighttime, Notes, Naps
O- Ocean, Outdoors
P- Photos, Pools, Phone Calls, Patriotism
Q- Quite Moments, Questions
R- Road Trips, Running, Rain, Red Bull, Reading, Relaxing, Rainbows
S- Stars, Snshine, Shoes, Smores, Shopping, Saturdays, Sour Patch Kids
T- Thunderstorms, Travel, Trucks, Tall people
U- Underwear, Ugly ducklings
V- Victory, Vacations, Velocity
W- Wakeboarding, Writing, Water
X- X-rays (because I like to look at them and try to figure out what's broken)
Y- Yoga, Yogurt
Z- Zebras, Zoo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Take a hike!

Ahhhh! I am so bad at this. One day I will master both living my life AND blogging about it. But for now, here's my new favorite activity.

I'm still trying to take advantage of the mountains and the good weather. A couple hikes and I'm hooked. It's gorgeous up there and the weather has been great. Spending a couple hours hiking may be one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done. It gives me time to relax and think and refocus. How did I never learn to enjoy this stuff before? And an added benefit... hiking is a great butt workout.

Lake Mary in Big Cottonwood Canyon- beautiful, relaxing, perfect. It's a short hike, only about a mile each way, but it's a good one. There were chipmunks running across the path the whole way to the lake and a couple brave ones tried to get in our bags when we put them down. I half expected to find a little friend in my bag when I got home. There are tons of little fish in the lake and they like the crust of PB&Js, in case you wondered.

My friend Erika and I tried to take a picture with the timer on my camera after hiking the Pipeline in Milcreek Canyon. We're better hikers than photographers.