Monday, August 17, 2009

Ashley's ABC's

One of my friends told me to try and come up with something about me for every letter of the alphabet. Easy. This is me.

A- Ashley (duh), Adventures, Animals, Accelerating
B- Beach, Babies, Barbecues, Boating, Basketball, Bare feet, Books, Blankets
C- Christmas, Cotton Candy, Campfires, Chocolate, Cuddling, Candy, Cereal
D- Dashboard Confessional, Dresses, Daisies, Dancing
E- Elephants, Exercise, Extremes
F- Family, Friends, Flying, Fun, Flowers, Food, Freebies, Flip-flops, Four-leaf Clovers, Fruit
G- Golf Carts, Gym, Giraffes, Gum, Girlfriends
H- Hot Summer Days, Home, Hoodies, Hikes, Hats, Hawaii
I- Ice Cream, Invitations, Icicles, Islands
J- Jeremy, Jeans, Jewelry, Jamba Juice
K- Kissing, Kids, Kickboxing
L- Love, Life, Laughter, Lakes
M- Music, Mountains, Makeup, Movies
N- Nighttime, Notes, Naps
O- Ocean, Outdoors
P- Photos, Pools, Phone Calls, Patriotism
Q- Quite Moments, Questions
R- Road Trips, Running, Rain, Red Bull, Reading, Relaxing, Rainbows
S- Stars, Snshine, Shoes, Smores, Shopping, Saturdays, Sour Patch Kids
T- Thunderstorms, Travel, Trucks, Tall people
U- Underwear, Ugly ducklings
V- Victory, Vacations, Velocity
W- Wakeboarding, Writing, Water
X- X-rays (because I like to look at them and try to figure out what's broken)
Y- Yoga, Yogurt
Z- Zebras, Zoo


Brittany Barnes said...

I especially like the zoo and the sour patch kids! Miss your face and its only been over a week.....

Trudy Mickelle Stanton said...

Impressive, I'll have to give this a try...maybe not to the extent you did, but still.