Tuesday, March 24, 2009

60 is the new 40

Happy Birthday to my hot Mama!

My sweet mother turned 60 on March 14, though she looks MUCH younger. My cute dad got a cake that said "60 is the new 40" and in their case, that's the truth.

In her sixty years, my mom found a pretty rad guy to marry (love my Daddy too!), has had 6 kids, 2 stepdaughters, 12 grandkids (lucky number 13 is due in September, along with the first great-grandbaby), and taken care of a ridiculous amount of pets, moved all over, modeled, done hair, sold a lot of stuff, made endless amounts of phone calls, helped a lot of people drop the bad stuff and get happy, made breakfast every morning for 2-20 people, taken way too many trips to school to deliver what Nick and I forgot at home, been PTA president, a cheer/football/basketball/wrestling mom, done more loads of laundry than any one person ever should, and been an all around awesome lady.

I think raising me alone would have added a lot of years to her, not to mention all her other kids, along with everyone else's she took a part in raising, but she wears those years well. I hope I'm that hot at 60!

Love you Mommy! Happy happy birthday!

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Nancyn said...

Thank you my sweet Baby Girl. I would not take anything for those many trips to school. The minute my phone rang...about 9 EVERY morning if not before...I knew my little Annie had forgotten something that you just had to have immediately!

I've loved cooking all those breakfasts for you and half the kids in Tremonton. You kids have kept me young. That is what happens when you just keep popping them out into your late thirties!

I love you so much. My strong-willed little girl makes me very proud. I love you always and forever. Mama