Thursday, March 5, 2009



I took a trip to California with my parents to spend some time with Nick before he deployed. We had a fun couple of days, and a not so fun morning when he left. We stayed in beautiful San Clemente and enjoyed the slightly warmer weather. You can check out my friend blog for how I felt about Nick leaving, but here I will just say that I am so proud of him and I already miss him a ton. Love that kid. Be safe in Iraq, Nick, and know that we love you and miss you everyday!

I also got to spend a day in San Diego with Brandon. We spent some time at Pacific Beach and toured a couple museums in Balboa Park. Thanks for taking care of me Brandon! Miss you!

Jeremy and I went to Monster Trucks on Valentine's Day and it was awesome. If you've never been, put on your ripped up jeans and cut off flannel shirts and go. And don't forget your earplugs! We had a fun day together and he's a pretty amazing Valentine.

The rest of the month was spent working. A lot. I did a couple fashion shows, one for Albert Chloe's new boutique and one for the Gateway Bridal Show. The shows are always so much fun and I have a blast with the girls. Love them all.

Happy February birthdays to Ginger, Brooke, Heidi and Cohen!

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