Monday, April 20, 2009

And this week...

Things I am liking this week

1. Indian food. Delicious. I forget how much I like it until I eat it again. Jeremy and I went to Bombay House on Saturday with some friends and it was fantastic. My #1 recommendation is India House on 80 something and State. It looks like a total dive but the food and the service is amazing.

2. The gym. It only happens every so often that I get back to this gym addiction. Right now is one of those times so I'm trying to take full advantage of it before the novelty wears off. If I had the time, I would spend a couple hours there everyday. Once I start seeing results I'm hooked. I'm crossing my fingers that I can keep this up.

3. Natturday at Brighton. Swimsuits in the snow sounds like a terrible idea, but it was a blast. The weather decided to cooperate and it turned out to be a pretty warm day. We did a fashion show on a runway made of snow in bikinis and flip-flops. Sounds cold but it actually wasn't too bad and it was so much fun. Good food, good times.

4. The SUN! This should actually be #1. I am beyond thrilled about the rise in temperature over the last few days.

5. Spray tan parties. In preparation for the bikini day, some of my work friends and I got spray tans. I went with two of the funnest girls I know and we spent a couple hours spraying and drying in a gogo dancer's kitchen. We thought dancing, leaping, singing would speed up the drying process. Most entertaining evening of the month. I guess you had to be there, otherwise it just sounds weird. And a plug for Maristy... She is an awesome airbrusher. If you're a fair maiden such as myself, go see her. You'll be a hot bronzed goddess in no time.

6. Lose It! App on my iPhone. This app keeps track of your calories, sets your limits for whatever your goals are, figures in exercise, and makes my life simple as far as anything food related goes. I'm hooked. Best. App. Ever.

7. Silly string. Except when the can is almost empty and it starts spraying little tiny pieces that are impossible to get out of your hair.

8. Tax returns. Even though I won't get to do anything fun with it because it will go directly to school. At least it's an investment.

9. My dad on Facebook. My family all uses Facebook to chat with Nick. Phone calls are hard but he can get online almost every day. It's been great to talk to him so much. My mom uses her account to keep track of all her "Marine family" and to talk to Nick. I know my dad uses her account to chat with Nick, but I didn't think he had his own. Today I logged on and had a friend request from... my DAD! It made my day. I know he is anti Facebook, Myspace, blogging, pretty much anything that displays your whole life for the entire world to see, but it looks like he has cracked. And even if it's for the sole purpose of chatting with Nick while he's in Iraq, I am stoked that we are now Facebook friends.

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JKNicholas said...

I can't believe your dad has a facebook! I think I may have to be his friend! I love it! And you! And I miss you tons!