Thursday, April 2, 2009

In Like A Lion, Out Like A... Bigger Lion

Someone forgot to tell the weathermaker that it's the end of March. March is supposed to mean SPRING! Unfortunately, not the case in 2009. It's still snowing. This is not okay.

This is my March 2009 in a nutshell. Or a snowball, which seems more appropriate given the weather conditions of late...

Friends, family, shamrocks, dinners, fashion shows, baby showers, birthdays, snow, kiteboards, dancing, space heaters, books, Eggo waffles, Girl Scout cookies, goodbyes, babies, pictures, running, spring wardrobe change (prematurely).

And the best things I have been told or overheard lately-

**I don't want a drink because they make me pee my pants. And when I pee my pants you get mad at me. Don't make me get a drink because then it will make me pee and then you will get mad and then I will get sad and then you will feel bad. That drink will make everyone sad, Dad.
-This sounds like Dr. Seuss. It was a little boy in Smith's. I had to leave the aisle so he wouldn't see me laughing.

**That's impressive. You have a perfectly symmetrical breast.

**F***in Edward won't bite her neck and it pisses me off.
-This was a text and is much funnier when you know the source.

**Ashley's like a freakin boy scout. Always be prepared.

**I want my little paw in your big paw.
-Another little kid to her mom. Pretty precious.

Happy birthday to Brittany, Tandra, and Jeff A.!


Morgan Family said...

I love the Edward text! Priceless

Morgan Family said...

I love the Edward text!

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

cute! I love that one about peeing his pants! Would have loved to hear that one in person!

Marcus and Amy said...

Ashley! When did you start a blog! Where have you been, what have you been up too!?

Love ya!

Ash said...

AMY!!! I have missed you cousin! What is your blog address? I can't pull it up by clicking on your name. Let's be blog buddies. Want to get together for lunch sometime this week? Call me. Love your face.