Monday, April 20, 2009

Runways, Rainbows, and Roller Skates

This is what my weekends have consisted of for the past month and a half. I've had a show every weekend since the end of February. They have filled up my weekends, but it's been a lot of fun. I already posted some stuff from the Albert Chloe and the Gateway Bridal shows so here's the rest. I love, love, love my fashion show friends. They all are beautiful and fun and such a blast to work with.

Best Kiteboards

with Paris, Kristy, Patty and Liliana

Monster Cirkus

with Autumn, Jessica and Valerie.

This show was at the Gallivan Center and featured a lot of the bands that play at Desert Rocks in Moab. There was a lot of crazy stuff going on before and during the show- fire dancers, arial ballet, crazy face paint, music. Interesting show.

Lunatic Fringe Show

with Patty, Julia and Jessica

This was a benefit show and I'm sure it was an awesome one to watch. There were different elements involved (Earth, wind, fire, water), intense costumes and makeup, and lots of crazy impressive dancing. That picture with all the garbage is actually the dress I was wearing and attempting to "roller skate" in. It didn't turn out quite how it was supposed to but still looked cool. Patty, Julia and Jess were all "Fire Girls" and I was "Daughter of Mother Earth" signifying the rebirth of the Earth.

SLCC Raw Couture Show- "Fashions Through the Decades"

SLCC Fashion Institute does a fashion show every spring as a final project for the Design classes and Fashion Show Production classes. I think this is the 8th year I've done this show. It's one of my favorites because of the girls in it. I've worked with them forever and they are amazing, both on the runway and off. The bridal ensemble in this show was gorgeous. The pink dress... All I will say about that is that it required a lot of tape. The 80s stuff was great because it's what I grew up in. And thank you to my parents, who are there every year in the front row.

Brighton Bikini Bash and Skiathong

Easily the most unusual show I have ever done, which is actually saying a lot, this was a blast. Brighton had a beach party to end the season and we had to do a beachwear fashion show. The runway was made out of snow and surrounded by pool lounge chairs. We wore suits by Rusty and Nappi and sported stuff from Etnies, Smith, Skull Candy, Natural Light, Thirty Two, Burton, and a few others. It was actually pretty warm and a lot of fun. And yes, Jessica and I are hula hooping on a snow runway in swimsuits and flip-flops. I love my life.


Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

You should love your life. All I do is watch t.v. half the time.

Kristin said...

I love all the pictures!!! You look so rad! love it!

Megan said...

Your life seems so glamorous. haha. I'm glad I found your blog! It is fun to see what you have been up to since I don't get to see you at church anymore. I hope everything is going well! -megan menlove :)

Ash said...

Megan, invite me to your blog. (yes, that is my highschool email, ha ha) And not so much on the glamorous comment, but I'm glad it appears that way. Good to gear from you.

Brittany Barnes said...

You are my most favorite model of all time! You should have told me and I would have come to your show! Miss you lover!

Brittany Barnes said...

Pretty sure you need to update your blog too. I just verbally yelled at Brooke for the same thing on her page also. LOVE YOU!