Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Work work work

I've been working too much lately. Way too much. With RSV season in full swing, Primary's has been way too full and far understaffed. The benefit to this is that I'm working a lot of overtime and extras. The downside is that with the wedding creeping up, I can't say no to the extra money those shifts bring in. So it's been a lot of work lately, and no play. Boo. And the only thing saving my sanity is that I love my job. Don't love "going to work", but couldn't ask for a better way to spend the hours I'm at my job. And here's what I miss when I work so much-

Tremonton trips (especially now that Ali is there)
Lunch with friends
Actually, any time at all with friends
Chillaxin with Jeremy in the evenings
Gym time with Jess and Bev
The Blue Crew
A clean house
Making dinner
Early morning yoga with Erika
Being outside

Time for a vacation. Or just a week off. Counting down the days til the honeymoon. 72!


Heidi Barson said...

You could always come to Tremonton and go to lunch with me!! Just sayin.

Lindsay said...

Get used to it. That's what life is like when you have kids. No more ME time. It kinda sucks.

erikaparrish said...

I am so honored that you posted missing yoga with me! I miss you too!!! We will do much yoga in Seattle! :)