Monday, July 19, 2010

Bear River=Best Friends

Tama, Karly, Jayme, Trudy, Britani, Ashley, Becky, Lacey, Kami  (We're missing a couple in this picture, but I was glad to see them too!)

Trudy, Cami, and Britani threw me a bridal shower in April. It was so nice to get all of our friends together and catch up. It was weird, in a good way, being the star of the shower show because I'm so used to being the one throwing them. The food was delicious. (Olive Garden style, since it has special signifigance for my friends) The decorations were so cute. The presents (skank sacks included) were awesome. The company was perfect. Between bridal and baby showers, we've probably had 15 at my parents' house. Being at Cami's cute house was a nice change of scenery.

All of the girls at the shower have been amazing friends. This is the group of girls that I had fun with, got in trouble with, laughed and cried with, grew up with. I can't think of anything from home without including at least one of them in the memory. They are beautiful, inside and out, and I am so lucky to have spent the last 17 years with them.

Trudy, Cami and Britani were all over the shower when I told them I was engaged. Everything they did was perfect. So this is my shout out to them-

Britani was my first friend at North Park Elementary when I moved to Tremonton. She was the most popular girl in 5th grade and I felt pretty cool being her friend. We had sleepovers all the time, played in the ditch and traded shoes. When I told my mom I couldn't see very well, she thought I just wanted to get glasses so I could be like Britani. (She didn't take me to the doctor until the school sent a note home in 7th grade saying I couldn't see well. I'd been blind for 2 years by then. I've had contacts ever since.)

Trudy was the best dancer in our VaDels class and the girl everyone wanted to be friends with in 6th grade. She also had the very best perm at Bear River Middle School. She taught me about swimming in canals and had the coolest room I'd ever seen. We had some pretty sweet Stadium of Fire moments together. We had a special notebook full of our "Top 10" that we passed back and forth. We have a mutual love for pickles, olives and cheese. And a mutual understanding for the usage of "Handi-Snack".

I met Cami in 6th grade. Once I got over my crush on the boy she not-so-secretly loved (now her husband), I realized she was the coolest girl ever. Cami taught me to shoot a basketball. We rode 4-wheelers and laid on the tramp looking at stars all night. I ate many Oreos at Cami's house. I think the most emotional moments I remember from middle school took place at her house.

I was always the awkward friend while the high school boys were drooling over them, but they loved me anyway. I could tell the story of these girls drugging me or the time I fed them tainted breadsticks, but I'll keep those stories to myself for now. Thanks, ladies, for being there for me and with me through all the moments. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, so you'll have to settle for knowing that I love you.

More wedding-ish posts to come.

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Trudy Mickelle Stanton said...

Okay, imagine watching me from my monitor's point-of-view (webcam style) as I read this. Smiling, laughing, crying, and the cry-laughing and then more smiles. You are a GEM! The most valuable and precious friend a girl could have. I love you dearly and miss you. You have a way with words that makes my heart swell! I am so lucky to have you in my life! Love you, mean it!!